Homeschool Science: Layers of the Atmosphere

cloud storm 1 MGD©

Is your child learning about the environment or the weather? This activity is a great and easy way to teach them about the different layers of the atmosphere. Check it out:

What you need:

  • dirt
  • honey
  • corn syrup (mixed with food coloring)
  • dish soap (a different color than the corn syrup)
  • water (mixed with food coloring to be yet another color)
  • vegetable oil
  • a large jar

What to do:

Pack the dirt (representative of the earth/ground) tightly into the bottom of the jar. Carefully pour the honey on top – this is the troposphere which is where all life and clouds and weather are. Now, slowly pour the corn syrup on top. This layer is the stratosphere which is where most airplanes fly, above the clouds. 

Continue by slowly adding the dish soap to represent the mesosphere. Next comes the water, the thermosphere, which is where a lot of the satellites are. Finally, add the vegetable oil to represent the exosphere. That’s it! You can even label the jar with the different names of layers to make them clear.

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