Homeschool Science: Magic Chain

magic chain

A lot of science can easily look like magic to kids. Without an explanation, different science concepts will be so beyond them that they can’t imagine it could be anything besides magic. This experiment is a great way to show them that these things can be explained, and teach them about force at the same time. Plus, we’re sure they’ll enjoy demonstrating it for other people as a magic trick afterwards. Here’s how it works:

What you need:

  • A dollar bill
  • Two thin rubber bands
  • Two metal paper clips

What to do:

  • Put one rubber band over each end of your dollar bill. Fold the dollar bill into thirds loosely, you don’t want to crease the folds. One of the rubber bands should be right where the dollar bill doubles back on itself.
  • Put one paper clip on each of the outer edges of the folded bill, they should hold the ends of the bill to the folds beside them.
  • Pull carefully on each end of the dollar bill and then gently remove the rubber bands. They will have formed a chain with the two paper clips in between them. To your child it might look like a magic trick!
  • So what’s really happening? If you set the experiment back up again and this time pull the dollar bill very slowly, you can watch as the force of pulling the dollar bill forces the rubber bands and paper clips to connect. No magic, just science!

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