Homeschool Science: Magnetic Slime

HSMS You might be wondering: why make magnetic slime in the first place? Well, slime is fun for kids to play with and making it magnetic gives them the opportunity to learn about how magnets work. Here’s how to get started with this experiment:

  • What you’ll need: Not all of these requirements are easy to get, but can most certainly be found online at the very least. You’ll need liquid starch, regular glue, iron oxide powder, disposable bowls, and a neodymium magnet (your typical magnet will not work).
  • What to do:
    1. Mix ¼ cup of liquid starch in a bowl with two tablespoons of iron oxide powder. Make sure it is well mixed.
    2. Add ¼ cup of glue to the bowl and stir well. At first this isn’t going to look like anything (besides a big mess), but have patience and keep on stirring.
    3. When the mixture starts to look solid, pull it out with your hands. There might be some liquid left behind in the bowl, but don’t worry about it.
    4. Continue to mix up the slime with your hands (you might want to wear disposable gloves for this part) and then when you’re sure it is all mixed up, dry it with some paper towels.
    5. You’re ready to use it with your magnet, enjoy!

Have fun playing with the magnetic slime with your children and don’t forget to sign up for our free two month trial here!