Can’t Live Without Homeschool Supplies

Can't Live Without Homeschool Supplies from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Are you shopping for school supplies for the coming year? Are you keeping a list of things that interest you for the future? There are so many supplies out there to choose from! During the months of July and August you can usually find great sales to stock up your homeschool room with. Some things you might go through very quickly, some you might use for very specific projects and others you will find you can’t do without!

Homeschool Supplies

  • Pencils – You will go through them like your kids are eating them!
  • Erasers – Always keep a box of pencil top erasers handy as the erasers are more elusive than the pencils!
  • Pencil Sharpener – Not only is having a good electric pencil sharpener handy, but often kids like to have their hand ones as well. Having the hand ones with the pencil shavings compartment can save many a mess. These are also handy for sharpening colored pencils during art time!
  • Spiral Notebooks – These can be used for anything and everything. Use them as a list keeper for daily tasks, or a writing journal. Use them to keep math scratch pads organized and together. Use them to create a nature or science journal. Use them for kids to do research projects and keep all their findings together.
  • Glue Sticks - If you have a crafter or cut and paster in your house you will go through TONS of these. Use them for lapbooking, crafting, scrapbook journals, nature journals, and more.
  • Tape – A less messy alternative to glue sticks is tape. Little kids love to use this in excess (kind of like band-aids!).
  • Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils – Especially if you are notebooking, lapbooking, or nature journaling, you will want plenty of coloring supply options around to choose from.
  • Computer – a computer or access to one is a huge homeschool resource! From online programs to research, live classes, supply and curriculum shopping, and interactive games. The computer will be your best friend.
  • Library Card – If you don’t have money to buy every book you read then a library card is a MUST! Make weekly trips and fill your arms with books on all the subjects you are studying or your kids are interested in. Don’t forget read alouds, quiet time books, and good reads for mom too!

What is your must have or most used homeschool supply?

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