Homeschooled Kids’ Success Stories

Homeschool Success

One of our favorite homeschooling talking points is the wonderful success stories of homeschooled kids! There are a lot more former-homeschooler role models out there than you might think. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites to share:

  • Tim Tebow: Tim Tebow is a professional football player in the NFL, but did you know he was homeschooled? In fact, his name is currently attached to a bill filed in the Mississippi state senate which would allow homeschooled kids equal access to public school extracurricular activities. Tebow himself played on a public school football team despite being homeschooled, so it makes sense he’d be supporting this bill!
  • Venus and Serena Williams: These two sisters are widely known as hugely accomplished tennis superstars, but they are also a pair of homeschool success stories! The sisters were taught at home by their father, allowing them to work around their hectic tennis training schedule. Their numerous championship wins show just how homeschooling paid off for them!
  • Albert Einstein: Who hasn’t heard of this world-renowned scientist? He discovered theories in numerous scientific subjects and became one of the most influential thinkers in human history. Einstein was also homeschooled. From the age of ten, he was taught at home by a medical student who tutored him in multiple subjects. Who knew?
  • U.S. Presidents: Both Woodrow Wilson and Abraham Lincoln, arguably two of the greatest presidents in United States history, were homeschooled. In fact, Abraham Lincoln mostly taught himself with some help from his stepmother and his local library. Wilson, who suffered from dyslexia and struggled to learn to read until he was ten, was mostly taught by his father until he went to college.

Not all homeschool success stories are famous people, but we love these examples of just how far in life students can go!

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