Homeschooling Difficult Science Topics

difficult science topics

Science is an important part of education. But with so many topics and, more often than not, some seriously complicated concepts, teaching it can seem like a lot to tackle. Does stoichiometry give you a headache? Are physics equations too much to take? No worries! We’ve got some simple tips to help make teaching science a breeze:

  • Don’t be afraid to branch out: Maybe your child doesn’t have much interest in physics, but has a keen interest in space – try out astronomy! Or perhaps the memorization and math in chemistry doesn’t hold much appeal for them, but they’ve expressed interest in the ocean – test out marine biology! Or maybe you want to go completely off the beaten path and tackle computer science with your child – programming is a great exercise in science, math, and logic! The awesome thing about science is that there are so, so many topics you can cover and try out. Interest based learning is a great way to be successful in science.
  • Who doesn’t love experiments? Experiments are awesome. Your child gets to see what they’ve learned come to life and hone their scientific method and observation skills. They get to see and touch scientific wonders they might not realize are happening all around them, all the time. At the end of an experiment (hopefully without too big of a mess) they’ll have a fine-tuned understanding of any concept. There are plenty of simple and easy experiments out there for almost any scientific concept.  So what’s not to love?
  • Some scientific concepts are just hard to explain, but tough topics aren’t the end of the world.  Talking your child through some topics can be difficult enough that it will drive you both crazy. Our tip: Avoid the craziness and seek out supplements. Videos are amazing for visual demonstrations. Vocabulary activities are awesome for making memorization more interesting.
  • Standard Deviants Accelerate is a supplemental learning tool that combines funny videos, comprehensive quizzes, and engaging activities to ensure your child learns as much as they can – and enjoys it along the way. With several science subjects available, it’s a great tool for taking some of the difficulty out of teaching science.

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