Homeschooling: Tips for Getting Your Kids to Stop Fighting

homeschool kids

Getting your kids to stop fighting can be quite the difficult task, especially for homeschoolers since your kids are together all the time. Whether you’re dealing with sibling rivalry or good old-fashioned daily bickering, it’s bound to start getting in the way of your homeschooling. Here are some tips for calming things down and nipping the fighting in the bud:

  • Make sure you give each of your children some individualized attention. Plain and simple, your kids won’t always want to be lumped in together. They might be really close, but it’s also beneficial for them and for you, to have some one-on-one time doing an activity they love or just hanging out. This can really help cut back a lot of the jealousy that can bloom between siblings.
  • Consistency is key. When a fight breaks out, your kids are more than likely to blame the other for starting it. Maybe one of them did, but that’s not what’s important (in most cases). The important thing is to work on finding a solution to whatever problem got them fighting in the first place. If you do this every single time your kids fight, eventually you’ll find that they start to find solutions on their own and quit playing the blame game.
  • Stick to your rules. If you’ve got household rules that everyone must follow, stick to them! Exceptions are a slippery slope. Once you make one for one child, you can be sure your other children will expect the same treatment. Rules are rules, stick to them, keep your kids sticking to them, and you’re likely to see a nice reduction in fighting.
  • Keep your kids busy. Even if they’re not doing schoolwork, have them doing something. Boredom is the perfect breeding ground for impatience and therefore fighting. Exercise, crafts, games, whatever you need to do to keep them busy will keep them happier in the long run.
  • If all else fails, don’t be afraid to get a little creative with stopping in-house fighting. Many of you have probably seen that great picture of two kids stuffed into one shirt by parents who just wanted them to stop fighting. Follow that lead! Have your kids hug each other until they can get along. Make them do some household chores together. Have them sit down and do a puzzle together. Anything you can do to remind them that they’re siblings and they love each other, and sometimes, even when they butt heads, they need to work things out.

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