How Apologia Biology and SDA Biology Align

Standard Deviants Accelerate is a fantastic online teaching supplement, but we know many homeschoolers also use other curricula like Apologia Biology.  We want to make it easy for you to use SDA Biology in conjunction with whatever you’re using as your main Biology curriculum, so we’ve gone through SDA Biology and Apologia Biology to show you where SDA topics fit best.  Apologia is a completely separate company and product, so SDA Biology doesn’t contain all the same topics as Apologia Biology, and vise versa.  We’ve done our best here at Standard Deviants Accelerate to make it easier for those using Apologia Biology curriculum to supplement with SDA Biology, and fit SDA into your lessons.


SDA Biology vs. Apologia Biology

Standard Deviants Accelerate Biology Chapters & Lessons Apologia Biology: Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd Edition Chapters and Pg #s
 Ch1. Molecules and Cells, Lesson 1. Intro To Biology  Module 5 pg 125-130
 Ch1, Lesson 2. Macromolecules  Module 5 pg 149-152
 Ch1, Lesson 3. The Cell  Module 6 +7 pg 161-195
 Ch1, Lesson 4. Transport Across Membranes  Module 5 pg 132-140
 Ch1, Lesson 5. Cellular Energetics  Module 5 pg 140 + 186
 Ch2. Heredity and Inheritance, Lesson 1. Cell Cycle and Mitosis  Module 7 pg 205-210
  Ch2, Lesson 2. Meiosis  Module 7 pg 195, 211-213
 Ch2, Lesson 3.  Mendel’s Law of Inheritance  Module 7 Pg 195, Module 8 pg 227-229, 247-254
 Ch2, Lesson 4.  Inheritance Patterns  Module 7 pg 195, 236, 247
 Ch3 Molecular Genetics, Lesson 1. The Development of the Structural DNA Model  Module 5 pg 164
 Ch3, Lesson 2. The Central Dogma  Module 6 pg 168, Module 7 pg 198-204
 Ch3, Lesson 3. Gene Regulation/DNA Mutations  Module 7 198-204
 Ch3, Lesson 4. DNA Technologies  Module 1 pg 47-50
 Ch4. Evolutionary Biology, Lesson 1. The Origin of Life  Module 9 pg 261
 Ch4, Lesson 2. Evolution: Setting the Stage  Module 9 pg 261-266
 Ch4, Lesson 3. Evolution In Action  Module 9
 Ch4, Lesson 4. The Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium  -
 Ch4, Lesson 5. Evidence for Evolution  Module 9
 Ch5. Organisms & Populations, Lesson 1.  Structure and Function of Animals  Module 11
 Ch5, Lesson 2. Animal Reproduction and Development  Module 11
 Ch5, Lesson 3. Viral Structure and Replication  Module 7 pg 218-226
 Ch6 Human Physiology & Immune Response, Lesson 1. Physiology and Homeostasis  -
 Ch6, Lesson 2. The Nervous System  -
 Ch6, Lesson 3. The Endocrine and Digestive Systems  -
 Ch6, Lesson 4. The Excretory and Musculoskeletal Systems  -
 Ch6, Lesson 5. Human Physiology & Immune Response  -
 Ch7. Ecology, Lesson 1. Diversity of Organisms  Module 10 pg 299-304
 Ch7, Lesson 2. Population Ecology  -
 Ch7, Lesson 3. Communities and Ecosystems  -
 Ch7, Lesson 4. Global Issues  Module 10 pg 309-328

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Please note that Standard Deviants Accelerate are in no way affiliated with Apologia.  This page is simply make it easier for users to incorporate SDA with other curricula.