How Homeschooling Enhances Our Holiday

How Homeschooling Enhances Our Holiday from Standard Deviants Accelerate

I have to say that homeschooling has just plain enriched our lives. The time to spend as a family, the flexible schedule, the freedom to chose what we focus on and how, are just a few of the reasons it has been so wonderful for us.

How Homeschooling Enhances Our Holiday

Beyond all the aforementioned reasons, I would like to talk a little more specifically about how homeschooling enhances our holiday season.

1. It affords us time.

Homeschooling means we can be flexible with our time. We can plan for a longer holiday break. This is true for anything really. For example, for years we have planned and taken 2-3 weeks off in the spring to travel to warmer weather.

2. Topic Flexibility

During the holidays we can alter our studies to reflect the holiday. Especially when my kids were younger we would include tons of holiday books, stories, crafts, movies, etc into our homeschool plans.

3. Gift Making

Because we have the time we have been able to make lots of homemade gifts throughout the years without it becoming an added stress or burden. All of our kids have enjoyed researching and choosing gifts to make for friends, family, and coaches.

4. Holiday Parties & Celebrations

I used to school right up until Christmas week and it left us feeling as though we missed the holiday fun. Now we take extra time so that we can fully enjoy each and every holiday party and activity without feeling stressed about the work that needs to get done.

5. Baking

Baking always took a back burner as between our schooling and our busy evening sports schedules there wasn’t much time. Baking has been a part of the holiday we have been able to enjoy so much more as a family because we are home together during the day and can do the baking then.

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