How it Works For Teachers

How_WorksThe Standard Deviants Accelerate online teaching system supplements classroom lessons, whether that be introducing a topic in class, reviewing a concept at home, mastering a subject in the library, or any variation in between. A well-balanced range of assignments will teach and re-teach, allowing students to learn, progress, and then master a subject.

Learn and Review

• Video content breaks down and provides a fresh angle on each lesson
• Multiple-choice quizzes following each video re-teach by replaying clips corresponding to questions that have been answered incorrectly
• Multiple-choice tests at the end of each module and at the end of the subject continue to check knowledge and are customized according to prior quiz performance (DI)
• RTI red flag alerts report low scores to the teacher at every step of the way


• Critical thinking questions customized according to student quiz scores (DI) prompt students to apply and analyze knowledge
• Students are prompted to examine and re-examine the same subject-wide thematic question after each lesson


• Students demonstrate mastery by teaching what they have learned to their peers in a new context
• Writing feature at the end of each subject prompts students to synthesize all that they have learned and apply it toward creating a new solution or product

Included In Your Subscription:
Standard Deviants Accelerate offers student account(s) and a teacher account allowing students to learn and complete assignments, and teachers to present information, grade work, and view reporting. Watch these detailed video walk-thru’s to learn all about the different features of each type of account.

Teacher Account
With Standard Deviants Accelerate, teachers have their own accounts with special access to features students will never see, including grading capabilities, editable rubrics, reporting, RTI alerts, presenting tools and more! Watch this video to learn all about the features available to teachers, as well as how to access those features.

Student Account
All student accounts have access to a number of assignments and tools to help them succeed. Students can view video lessons, complete assignments, have assignments automatically graded, save notes, message teacher for help, and more! Watch this video to learn all about the features available to students, as well as how to access those features.