How Long Is A Homeschool Day?

How Long Is A Homeschool Day? from Standard Deviants Accelerate

People often wonder how long it takes to homeschool. Does our day start at 8 AM and end at 3 PM? Do we homeschool just 5 days a week? How long does it take us to finish each day? The answer to this questions varies from house to house, among grade levels, and from child to child.

How Long Is A Homeschool Day?

Since I already told you a homeschool day varies in length, let me give you some reasons why it might vary and how a day might look.

School At Home/Curriculum Based

In our house we are more school at home or curriculum based, which means we typically have structure to our days. We cover math, English (reading, writing, grammar, spelling), and playing a musical instrument every day of the week. Science, history, electives such as a foreign language or computer programming are covered 2-3 a week.

My 7th grade son gets up and started by 8 AM most days and can be done by noon most of the time if he is diligent and focused. He does have an online class that he takes in the afternoon on Mondays and often finds one day or another each week to be lighter or heavier based on how the science or history unit is for that day.

My 4th grade daughter is in a sleeping in phase. She rolls out of bed around 10 AM and seems to drag her feet all day long! Therefore she may start at 10:30 AM and not finish until dinnertime or later.

Unschooling/Unit Study Based

Those that unschool have much less structure to their days. Learning might be more in the form of an independent project that a child is engaged in like a kitchen science experiment, and art endeavor, or some sort of exploration that they are passionate about at that time. In this case there may seem like no clear beginning or end. They ebb and flow as their day warrants.

With Unit Study based learning you might spend a large chunk of time engaged in one subject or project. Maybe you have spent time reading together, or researching, or doing some sort of project. That may last a large chunk of your days for some time and then taper off again.

The long and the short is that as a general rule homeschooling takes less time than a typical public school day. There are no bus rides, changing classes, waiting for other kids to complete something, etc. You get to run at a pace that works for you, and each of the children in your home.

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