How Many Subjects Do You Cover Each Day?

How Many Subjects Do You Cover Each Day? from Standard Deviants Accelerate

This seems to be turning into a series of sorts, maybe “An Inside Look at Homeschooling”, or “Homeschooling is a Lifestyle”. Either way there are a couple of major themes to remember. First is that every homeschool is different. Second is that it’s perfectly okay to be different and to do what works for you and your family!

How Many Subjects Do You Cover Each Day?

I had to chuckle recently as my 9 year old 4th grader looked at her weekly assignment sheet and commented about how she had every subject that day! I don’t think that is something that happens too often, but when we have a busy week we have to utilize any day at home that we have.

So that begs the question, “How many subjects do we cover each day?”

As a general rule we cover math and grammar/English every day. Currently we have classes outside the house on Wednesday so we cut back on formal studies that day. Practicing their instruments is something they do every day as well. (When I refer to days I am speaking of week days, not including Saturday and Sunday.)

Science is something we typically do twice a week. This allows us to spend a little more time on a given day to cover hands on activities and labs.

When it comes to history it depends on if we are currently doing unit studies or using a curriculum. When we are doing more in-depth unit studies we typically spend more time on one or two days a week, opposite the days we are engaging in science. We are currently using a curriculum where they are reading from text and other supplemental books and completing written assignments. With this style we typically do it 4 days a week.

Current Weekly Overview:

  • Math 4-5x a week
  • English 4-5x a week (this would include spelling, grammar and writing)
  • Science 2x a week
  • History 4x a week
  • Music 5x a week
  • Art 1-2x a month

How many subjects you cover each day will depend on the style of homeschooling you choose, the number of days a week you are schooling, and how much time you are looking to devote to each subject.

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