How To Develop Your Child's Talents

foster talents

Every child has their own unique talents. Once you’ve found your child’s, how do you go about helping them expand and improve upon their abilities? There’s no simple answer, but we’ve got a few tips to help you develop your child’s talents. Check it out:

  • Give them time: Set aside some time every week for your child to practice or learn new concepts based on their talents and interests. Ever heard of the 10,000 hour rule? It basically states that the key to success in any field is practicing something for about 10,000 hours. Quite a lot! But break it down into bite-sized pieces and work it into your homeschool schedule.
  • Give them room: You’ll want to give your child some flexibility when it comes to fostering their talents. Make a task too routine and they’re likely to get bored with it or feel like they’re being forced to do it. Give them room to explore and experiment on their own, so they can keep things engaging and interesting.
  • Give them support: Maybe what your child likes and excel at isn’t something you personally consider worth pursuing. Hold back, and don’t tell them your personal feelings because they will probably find it discouraging. If they love something (even if it’s underwater basket weaving) what they really need is your support. So give them time, give them room, but above all, offer them your support in all of their endeavors (as long as they’re harmless of course).

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