How to Homeschool on Your Summer Vacation

homeschool summer

Whether you’re staying at home or off on an adventure, summer vacation is a great time to continue learning! There are so many opportunities out there just waiting for you to take advantage of them. So, get creative, and check out these ideas for learning this summer:

  • Staying local: Field trips to the local library or local historical landmarks are awesome places for learning. Informal learning means your child can learn whatever they like at the library, or even just build on their reading skills. Historical landmarks are a great place to learn the history of your area and provide a visual focal point you might not get during the homeschool year.
  • Cities: Cities have an abundance of educational activities you can work into your vacation schedule. Check out local museums that interest your kids, take a bus or duck tour of the city, walk around and explore the sights. You’ll be surprised how much your kids enjoy what they might not realize are educational activities!
  • Country: Want your kids to learn more about nature? See if you can take a tour of a farm – some places will even let you milk their cows. Or, find an orchard or farm where you can pick your own fruit. Just work in little tidbits of knowledge throughout the day to supplement the experiences your children are having.
  • Beach: Relaxing on the beach for vacation? That’s a great time to learn some marine biology and weather study! Have your kids identify the different wildlife they see or look at the tide schedules each day. You might want to brush up on some of this yourself so you can provide little facts along the way.

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