Immersive Approach

Standard Deviants Accelerate is a supplementary learning website offering a year’s worth of content per subject, including main lesson video instruction and a variety of corresponding assignments. It dives deep into each subject, touching upon all the important topics that would normally be covered in a class. Everything from foundational information to final review preparation is presented in concise, easy to digest video clips.

SDA adapts to each student’s learning level to maximize individual success, while using assessment to measure knowledge and retention. This comprehensive and simple to use online resource features:

• Videos with transcript
• Vocabulary
• Quizzes
• Critical thinking questions
• Grading
• Red Flag RTI alerts
• …and more!

Plus, the site is entirely web-based, so students can access SDA anytime, anywhere, and even on-the-go as long as they have an internet connection!

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Teach in a way that is…
Standard Deviants Accelerate videos are approachable and relatable, from the student's point of view


Approachable -Young actors and comedians present difficult topics.
Standard Deviants Accelerate videos are comprehensive and cover everything you need to know in a particular subject

Comprehensive – Complex concepts are explained through on-screen graphics,mnemonic devices, and a lot of creative demonstrations.

Standard Deviants Accelerate is FUN!  Young comedians put a great spin on difficult topics.


Fun – A little humor goes a long way in keeping students interested!


MethodStandard Deviants Accelerate teaches from the student's point of view; we use humor, skits, and lots of graphics, so students remember what they're learning.

It’s simple. Students teach students. With the help of top teachers, our writers learn the subject and then write the script. The result: great educational content spoken in a student’s voice.



We believe education is fun and we have a lot of fun with it.