Interactive Learning on a Whole New Level

If there’s one gigantic, all-important pro for edtech, it’s its potential. There is relatively limitless potential for technology in education, and we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of it. For example, one of the biggest edtech news stories recently is the world’s largest interactive multitouch display which has recently been completed at a university in Australia. Check out the video below!

The display is two stories tall and 46 feet wide. There’s one word that might adequately describe it: Wow. It was built to allow students at the university to view and interact with marine life without having to make the trek to an aquarium. Essentially, it brings the aquarium to them.

And how does this apply to education at large? Well, this brings up a million different possibilites for learning. Having one of these displays (perhaps on a smaller scale) cuts down the limitations of a school within a specific community. It could bring about the end of field trips (don’t get us wrong, we love them), but trips are often very limited by the distance of things worth seeing from schools.

As you can see in the video, it’s a very interactive experience. Which, in the end, might make it just as or even more effective than any trip could be. Not only do students have the subject in front of them, but also a world of information at their fingertips. The example shown in this video, is the selection of one of the sea creatures and its immediate identification. This combines the power of interactive learning with the accessibility of information technology provides to create one big tool for education.

What do you think of the display? Could you see it being put to use? Maybe in smaller, more economical forms?