Interest Based Homeschooling

interest based homeschooling

Many homeschooling parents use their child’s interests to guide learning. It might seem a bit complicated to transform your child’s interests into valuable curriculum, but in almost every case it’s possible. The important thing is that they are learning both new skills and new content through their chosen interest. Interest based homeschooling can be both constructive and fun!  Here are a few tips:

  • Take your child’s interest and brainstorm ways to connect it to several skills like observation, research, library skills, and technology. These will most likely be the easiest four to figure out. Say, for example, your child is interested in the weather. They can keep a daily weather observation journal, research weather patterns and the science behind them, check out relevant books from the library, and look at radar maps on a computer. See? Pretty easy!
  • You can use the same process for creative and hands-on skills. Is your child interested in medieval history? Have them draw diagrams of castles and fortresses, construct models of tools or weapons that were used then, or even sew historically accurate clothing. All of these things will require research, so they’ll learn as they go!
  • Our last tip is to make sure there is real learning material behind all of this interest based homeschooling. If you see an opportunity to connect math to a project, do it! If you can incorporate history into science, go for it! The key is to have a plan, but to also be willing to adjust and add to that plan as you go along, making sure your child learns as much as they can through this experience.

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