Involving Dad in Homeschooling

dad homeschool

As the primary educator in your household, it might seem like you’re carrying a lot of weight in your homeschool and that it’s hard to involve the other parent. But for your children’s sake, involving the Dad can be hugely beneficial. Not only does it ensure Dad and the kids get 1 on 1 time, but it also gives the Dad the chance to participate and see what your children are learning. Here are some simple tips:

  • Make time: Take out some time, maybe a few hours, once a week (or more!) for some learning directed by the other parent. Maybe Dad is awesome at a particular subject - let him teach one lesson a week in that subject! Or maybe he’d rather teach some life skills – that would make a great addition to your curriculum. Get creative and get excited!
  • Get out and about: One great way to go about this (and to get yourself a little free time) is to have dad take the kid on field trips. This can be activities he loves to do and can teach the kids like swimming, fishing, hiking, or teaching the kids a hobby like playing guitar, cooking, etc.
  • Keep them informed: Have your children talk about what they learned each day with Dad. It’s a simple way to get the other parent involved and give your children a chance to share their experiences. Sounds like a win-win!

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