Is Busy Your New Normal?

Is Busy Your New Normal? from Standard Deviants Accelerate


Are you finding yourself running all over? Feeling like you get little to no downtime? I have been seeing this as a trend among my fellow moms and homeschool moms alike. It seems as though we almost compete to be the one who can say they are the busiest or have the most crazy schedule.

Is Busy Your New Normal?

While I can’t speak for everyone else, I can say with certainty that for myself and my family I have had enough. Over the past year I made the conscious decision to cut back on the things we were doing outside of our home to allow more down time for all of us.

We have a pretty busy sports schedule in the evenings as each of our children are in a competitive sport. For this reason I worked to get our days to be less busy.

Ways to Reduce Busy

Start by cutting out one or two things. Pick something that brings the least amount of benefit for the least amount of people in your house. In our case I try not to do something that is only for just one. I try to pick things that will be of value to a few of us or at least get a couple of things lumped together that are for one and then another.

Limit the number of day. You can try sticking to a certain number of days per week that you will be busier. For instance we try to stay home on Monday, Tuesday and Friday because Wednesday and Thursday are busier activity days.

Ask the kids. Ask the kids what they value most. If they are participating in multiple activities, ask them what they “must keep” and what they can let go. For instance my son loves playing chess, but the daytime class became too easy and the nighttime one really made that evening nuts with his sports practice. We let him decide what was most important. In the end he gave up chess class (and just plays online instead) because he loves playing his sport more.

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