Summer Learning Activities: Reading and Writing


It’s summer. For most of the kids out there that means a well-deserved break. But taking turns on the slip-n-slide isn’t nearly as problematic as the summer backwards slide most students experience. So, how do we keep those gears in kids’ brains turning during the long, hot months until the first day of school?

One of the easiest methods is a reading challenge. Of course, you’ll get some groans when you encourage kids to take one on. But, making it into a challenge gives a competitive edge to an otherwise typical assignment. Challenge your students to read a book a week. Or tackle a book slightly above their reading level. Or even see how many new words they can find while reading. And then, here comes the important bit, reward them somehow for their accomplishments.

Another great project would be keeping a blog over the summer. Have your kids write about events they experience, or even turn it into a little bit of a research project and have them write on a topic of their choosing. It’s a great way to make sure your students are practicing their grammar and spelling skills over the summer.

Stay tuned for more summer ideas!