Summer Learning Activities: Math

SLA Math

Alright, we’ve come to part 3 of our summer learning series. This post will be all about fun math activities to do with your kids over the summer to keep those math skills sharp.

  • Tackle fractions in the kitchen! Make your kids’ favorite food or a tasty summer treat. Be sure to use measuring cups and practice adding and subtracting fractions as you measure out ingredients. For an extra challenge, have kids use a smaller measuring cup than the amount needed and figure out how many times they’ll need to fill it. Enjoy the fruits of your labor afterwards!
  • Take an inflatable beach ball and write different numbers in each colored section of the ball. Play catch, adding, multiplying, or subtracting the numbers you land on as you go. Need an extra challenge? See how fast your kids can play and still get correct answers!
  • Similar to the beach ball, take a deck of cards (without the face cards) and flip two over at a time. Practice multiplication, addition, or subtraction. Not difficult enough? Try flipping three or four cards over at a time!

Stay tuned for more in this series. Happy learning!