Learning on July 4th

july 4th

July 4th is of course Independence Day. It commemorates the day the United States adopted the Declaration of Independence and as such, is the perfect opportunity for picking up a little American history. We’ve got several ideas on how you can do exactly that. Check them out:

  • Revolutionary War reenactments: If you really want to check out some living history, head to a Revolutionary War reenactment! Everything from the costumes to the weapons are meticulously prepared to be accurate historical representations. You’re likely to see some demonstrations, drills, and even cannon fire!
  • Naturalization ceremonies: Many naturalization ceremonies take place on July 4th – one is even held at George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon. What better day to accept new citizens into our country than on the anniversary of its birth? If you can, attending one of these ceremonies is an incredible experience both for learning and feeling patriotic.
  • Staying home: You don’t have to go anywhere to show your kids some American history! There are many, many movies surrounding the Revolutionary War, the founding fathers, and the creation of the Declaration of Independence. So, before the fireworks start, turn one on and enjoy the learning experience as a family!

Happy 4th!