Reasons to Include the Library in Homeschooling

Reasons to Include the Library in Homeschooling from Standard Deviants AccelerateDid you know that April 10th -16th is National Library Week? First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country each April. It is a time to celebrate the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians and to promote library use and support.

Reasons to Include the Library in Homeschooling

1. Change of scenery

The library offers a warm, dry, well lit place to get up and out. If you are low on outside activities, or just need to get the kids up and out, the library offers a place to go. Go just to look at books, create a scavenger hunt for you kids to find things while there, or take your school work to do there instead of at home.

2.Internet & Computers

If you don’t have Internet or computers the library is a great place to go for these things. Don’t let your homeschool be limited because you don’t have them!

3. Books, books & more books

While we do purchase some books, we take most of ours out from the library. It can be very expensive to amass a collection of books, especially if they are ones that will only get read once! The library book collection is a great resource for any topic you might be covering. My kids always enjoy hitting the library to pick out new books to read, and new books on whatever our current science or history topic might be.

4. Movies

I can’t tell you how many educational DVDs we have checked out of the library. We used to make it a sort of treat, a sort of fun afternoon when we had educational DVDs to watch. Make some popcorn or a veggie snack and settle the kids down to a video that is relevant to what you are studying. It makes for a great change of pace and a little bit of down time for you!

5. Information

Not only does the library contain books and movies, but there are magazines, music, and in some even iPads! But another great bonus of the library are the people, the librarians. They are a wealth of knowledge and information when it comes to research. Google maybe the latest research craze but there is no substitute for the interaction with and knowledge power of a good librarian!

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