Make Your Family Vacation Educational

educational vacation

This might sound crazy to you. The last thing you and your kids might want to do is learn and teach on your family vacation. Well, while vacation is supposed to be about relaxing, it does present the perfect opportunity to explore topics you might not otherwise. Here are a few ideas for making the most out of your vacation:

  • Check out local museums! We highly suggest you research local museums so that you and your children can check out both the local history and museums focused on subjects that your local areas might not have. It’s a pretty relaxed way to go about learning. Just head to a museum and explore. I once went to see some lavender fields and a monastery where lavender was harvested on a family vacation. It was two hours away from where we were staying, but so worth it. Especially when we found a local lavender distillery and attached museum on our way home. I left with a whole lot of new knowledge and some awfully yummy smelling souvenirs.
  • Local historical landmarks are another great way to learn about local history. You might want to do a little research about the landmark before you go and see it so that you can give your kids a mini-lesson while you’re there. Nothing brings history to life like seeing it in person.
  • Discuss the local environment and ecosystems. At the beach for vacation? Perfect opportunity to teach your kids about tides, storms, and marine biology. This doesn’t have to be formal learning, just work it into conversation as often as you can!

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