New Year, New Opportunities

Coming back from the winter break can be rough. Really rough. For everyone involved. Both teachers and students have gotten used to sleeping in, having lots of free time, and maybe even missing their vacation spots.

So what’s a teacher to do?

We suggest easing back into things. Which can be difficult in relation to the time constraints of the school year and the occasional weather-imposed snow day. Still, there are ways to get back into the swing of learning without earning more than a few exasperated sighs. Obviously, it’s important to cultivate interest in order to get students excited about being back at school. Take your average lesson and put a twist on it. Whether it’s incorporating a project or a video lesson. Or even turning a lesson into a game that allows for simultaneous fun and learning.

Returning from the break is also a great time to review. As short as the winter break is in comparison to summer, the weeks before and during the break are ample time to lose focus and forget what has been learned during the break. Even if your students seem bored by the repetition, it is a quick and simple way to make sure nothing has been lost. Students may even be surprised by what they’ve forgotten.

How do you ease back into the school year? Got any tips for starting the new year off on a good not? Let us know in the comments!