October is for Anti-Bullying

October is finally here, and in case you didn’t know, is anti-bullying month! So in honor of this special month we wanted to provide a couple of tips for students and teachers to prevent cyber-bullying in all of your edtech ventures.

  1. Remember you are all human. Even and especially the people on the other side of the computer screen. The internet may seem like a good buffer and you may not feel as guilty when saying potentially harmful things to the computer rather than in person, but that’s not so. Being rude, mean, etc. on the internet is just as bad as doing the same in person. Keep this in mind and you’ll be golden.
  2. Stand up. If you see someone being bullied or any of their thoughts/ideas being judged particularly cruelly, don’t just ignore it. Politely recommend or suggest the bully recognize their actions and offer support to the person being “attacked.” A little goes a long way and the reward is more than enough to compensate for the very low risk involved.
  3. Give respect to get respect. The more we work to better the online community, the better it will be for everyone.

As the month goes by, and even when it does end, keep these tips in mind!

What do you do to prevent and end cyber-bullying? Got any great stories about doing so? Share them in the comments!