On Digital Natives

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Kids these days are said to have been born in a digital age. Having been exposed to technology like tablets and computers practically since birth, they have been nicknamed “digital natives.” Google has become a verb as well as a website, smart phones are a part of daily life, and with all of the information available to students today, it is assumed that they will adapt to new technologies and grasp ¬†concepts involving them easily.

The problem is, students aren’t necessarily looking at technology with an inquisitive point of view. While, yes, using certain technologies have become learned habits, the more difficult, less straight-forward technologies still require that students have a guide. This of course means teachers having to learn to use them first, but what material is presented in a classroom that a teacher hasn’t already had to learn? Time and energy have to be put into edtech, and for so-called digital natives, that might be a lot harder than you’d think.

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