Pencils, Backpacks, and Perspective: An Introduction

Hi There!

After writing the first “Pencils, Backpacks, and Perspective” post, I wanted to give a little context and introduce myself. These posts will be an average student’s perspective on the latest in education technology, with just a little pizzazz to spice things up a bit.

My name is Briana, and I am currently a freshmen at New York University. I’ve been interested in technology since, well, really the first time I ever touched a computer as a toddler. I’ve had the unique experience of being part of what is kind of the first generation to grow up without being able to remember a time before computers. These days everyone is glued to their smart phones and laptops, and social media has exploded, creating a rather interesting environment to be a student in.

The progress and accessibility of technology in this country was bound to eventually have some affect on the way education works. In any given class I’ve got a laptop or iPad out and a smart phone tucked in my bag (off of course). My professors this last semester used televisions and laptops over chalkboards, and made use of online archives and video conferencing to teach material. My assignments even included weekly blogging and interaction on social media sites, while I received my assignments and even grades from an online academic platform.

My point is, the world of education is changing and for some people adapting is hard while for others progress can’t happen fast enough. There are a lot of arguments for and against the use of different types of technology in the classroom, but the integration of these is becoming more and more prevalent.

So, what is the point of “Pencils, Backpacks, and Perspective?” I am a student, trudging through the mud of academic life, debating with technology-resistant professors, and typing my every thought on a glaring screen. My job is to simply provide firsthand experience and analysis on edtech, which is, in my opinion, exciting business.

To finish up, here are a few fun facts about me:

  1. I am a fervent Oxford comma user.
  2. I use five different social media websites regularly – my current favorite is 8tracks.
  3. Technology related: Despite owning a Kindle, I am addicted to buying real books. As in, I’ve purchased six in the last week. It’s a bit of a problem.

That’s all for now folks! I hope you enjoy my future posts!