Pencils, Backpacks, and Perspective: The Advantages of Digitization

In the last few years of my education, my teachers have increasingly moved toward digitizing large parts of classes, with many positive repercussions. Though a few of my teachers are still dependent on paper handouts, which are not only easy to lose, but also easy to mess up, most have turned to computers. This has entailed everything from online report cards to presentations edited by the entire class at once using many different computers. So I thought I would illustrate what I see as the major advantages of going digital.

  1. Grading: This has really been the biggest change in my education. Being able to access grades online is awesome and incredibly useful for many reasons. For me, it has been instant ability to see how well I am doing in a class and what I need to work on. For my teachers it has been easy input of grades as well as making sure students had the ability to track their progress. Also, to many students’ dismay, it provides an easy way for parents to keep track of how their kids are doing in school. Benefits all around really.
  2. Class Notes: From lecture slideshows, to handouts, and even my own personal notes, digital class notes is a biggie. My teachers have used digital notes to easily share lectures and slideshows with their students. Gone is the need for killing a tree to give out handouts. And, biggest of all in my opinion, is the ease of organizing digital notes.
  3. Work: There is nothing nicer than being in a class where a paper can be simply emailed or shared with a teacher rather than going through the hassle of printing it out. This doesn’t work so well for certain types of work, but it’s definitely worth pursuing in appropriate subjects. And then of course there are projects. With so many new and fantastic presentation-making websites, it’s easy to go beyond the bland PowerPoint nowadays. Plus, there are the fun options like blogging and video projects to think about!
  4. Tests: Now, I have personally taken very few digital tests in my learning career. Some were from textbook websites, others were applications created specifically by my school. So, there is a lot of room for growth in this area. Digital tests are customizable and easily and automatically graded, increasing the efficiency of test-taking.
I personally love infographics, so here’s one I made to sort of illustrate what I’ve been blabbering on about.