Practical Math in Everyday Life

practical math

Practical math is math that is used in the real world on a daily basis. Math that everyone should be able to do and will help with simple tasks. Teaching your kids this type of math can take a much different form than teaching them algebra or statistics, or anything like that. So, we’ve got a few great examples to get you started. Check them out:

  • If you go out to eat, have your kids calculate the tip. You can have them practice with different percentages and have them round up or down for extra practice. You can also just do this at home by giving them hypothetical bill totals.
  • Have your kids create a budget based on a standard set of numbers. These should include salary and typical expenses like food, transportation, and the like. Your kids will have to double check to make sure all of the numbers add up properly and can see real-life examples of how money is portioned out in budgets.
  • Give your kids a hypothetical (or real if you’d like) party to host. Have them calculate how much food they will need based on a certain number of guests, how much different materials like decorations would cost, how much time they’d need to prepare, and other relevant calculations.
  • If you make a weekly meal plan, have your kids go over it with you and calculate the cost of food per week. You can even take them through the grocery store with you so that they can check out the prices of each item you buy. You can also just give them a basic grocery list and approximate costs to use for their calculations.

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