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New Award: Top Educational Website of 2015 by

Standard Deviants Accelerate has recently been selected as a Top Educational Website of 2015 by, a trusted source for homeschool resources and news.

 Reviews From Homeschoolers

“I think it’s a great supplemental course. There’s just enough variety to keep it interesting for [my son]. And it doesn’t add any more to my workload. Most importantly, he wants to [use it], and having a lesson that my son is willing to work on without any complaints is more than enough reason for me!”
Adena Foster, Adena F.

“A completely online program that can be used anytime, anywhere – as long as an Internet connection is available.”
-Diane Knecht, Cabin In the Woods

“These videos are interesting.  They’re funny.  They add so many layers to a student’s understanding of the topics that they cover.  We would sit and watch these videos together because we enjoyed them, and there were a couple that we even had to share with my Hubby because we liked the videos so much.”
Rebecca Ray, Raven Threads

“The site is a good fit for a wide array of students, but for me it was beyond amazing! I was so beyond thrilled, that when I told my extremely reluctant 9th grader that he needed to ‘do school’ using Standard Deviants Accelerate, he did not fight me in the least. He found the format to be very easy to follow. The most exciting part of it all is when I hear him explaining something new he has learned.”
-Tere Scott, Teachable Scott’s Tots Homeschool

“As a mom and teacher, homeschooling high school is not as hard as I once imagined. In fact, with online learning resources like this it is actually easier than teaching my 10 year old.”
-Jennifer Minks Miller, Glimpse of Our Life

“To my delight, all [my kids] enjoyed the video segments and retained information from them as they worked to fill in the interactive diagrams in the unit and take the multiple choice quizzes.  I also smiled when they asked for another segment, and another…”
-Martianne Stanger, Training Happy Hearts

“I just have to say that I *LOVE* this program. I can’t say it loud enough and I can’t say it enough times. These courses are unbelievably informative and entertaining. My kids don’t want to stop doing science and my husband always wants to watch with us.”
-Laura Delgado, My Homeschool Reviews

“The format of this course is well done, and easy for Bug to navigate independently, which I appreciate as a busy homeschool mom. I enjoyed being able to send him to complete his lesson, and even at 8 years old, he was able to follow the format and the lessons on his own.”
-Heather Aliano, Only Passionate Curiosity

“Standard Deviants offers affordability, flexibility and most importantly fun learning. The Standard Deviants accelerated learning program is interactive and multi-sensory so it’s great for all learning styles (auditory, visual and kinesthetic). I highly recommend Standard Deviants.”
-Kathy Balman, Kathy’s Cluttered Mind

“If you are like me, you don’t have time to research and plan one more thing. SDA takes the planning and researching out and hands it to you with videos that the kids enjoyed!! That’s a win in my book!”
-Leslie Everett, More 2 Les

“My kids said to me recently, ‘Why cant you teach like the people in the SDA videos?’ Ouch!”
-Joelle Umandap, Homeschooling for His Glory

“Creationist Quote: ‘Now, we are what you call ‘young earth creationists” – meaning that we are not fans of the evolutionary theory. Right up front the product page let me know that I would find information about evolution within the science portions of the program. I appreciated that it was very up-front and done in a way that acknowledges other views. I was interested to see how that would pan out for our family.”
Kelli Becton, Hip Homeschool Moms and Homeschooling Adventurez

“My son can watch the lesson and do the work assignments freeing me up to get ready for our next subject lesson. [He] loves the fact that he can do his math work online! The online instructors are young adults who present the lessons in a fun and humorous way through the online video. This is also a big plus in my opinion because it keeps my son’s attention in a subject that can be ‘boring’ to him.”
-Laurie Messer, Grace Filled Moments

Standard Deviants is not intended to be full curriculum, but it makes a great supplement!  Since it’s online and self-paced, my tester could pick and choose what topics he wanted or needed to spend more time on. A general course outline makes it easy to see what topics are available.”
-Renita Bentz, Mom of Many Bentzs

“If you have a child struggling in a certain area, this program will help to ensure that they have the basics of the subject area nailed.   They have a low key way of teaching that removes the stress of learning.”
-Annette Vellenga, A Net In Time Schooling

“Standard Deviants really had super customer support.  They were open to questions during the webinar, [and] we were encouraged to contact them if we had any issues or questions. They seemed legitimately excited that we were going to [use] Standard Deviants Accelerate, like they knew we were going to love it.  We did love it.  It was a really nice addition to our normal math, but we could have used it as our actual curriculum.”
- Kayla Rokosz, Shut The Fridge

“The videos were as entertaining as I’ve seen Math videos to be. After teaching Math for so long, I have to say, it’s one of the hardest subjects to keep entertaining.  The videos are very thorough and cover all the material needed for the student to do the required forms of Math.”
-Crystal Green, Tidbits of Experience

Other Awards

2013 WorldFest Remi Award: Interactive/Website category
2013 Platinum Ava Award: Website/Educational Institution category

8 Parents’ Choice Awards
26 Telly Awards
3 WorldFest Remi Awards
9 Communicator Awards
4 Omni Awards
1 Videographer Award

 Reviews From The Press

“Best Films and Videos”
American Association for the Advancement of Science

“Standard Deviants is to be cheered summa cum loudly”
TV Guide “Top Ten New Show for Kids”

“Extremely ambitious…Skits and dramatic sketches, cartoons, historical documents and more are used in a way that tells you everything about the subject…It’s a lively show with a lot of information.”
Today Show

“Instead of using books or lecturing, the cast cracks jokes and perform skits in order to explain the lessons in an interesting and creative way.”
Miami Herald


Review From Teachers

“Our school system just rolled out nearly 1000 iPads to implement a 1:1 environment for digital learning.  SDAccelerate is exactly the type of mix of academic and fun learning activities that our school recommends for maximum student involvement.”
-Tom, Schuyler High School NE

“I use SDA as a reinforcement tool. I use SDA all throughout the lesson, but mainly as reinforcement. The lesson will be taught and students will take notes, but then they will be hit with the information again once they log onto the website. I think SDA could be used for both advanced and foundational students. The students more actively engage with the computer than they do with traditional classroom techniques- it’s the 21st century!”
- Whitney, Hartford Public Schools

“Thank you for showing me Accelerate! It is a fascinating site and my students love the style of teaching.”
Gerald, Cabrillo High School

“Standard Deviants Accelerate looks like the future as it fits in with 21st century goals.”
Andy, Science Teacher at Reedsburg Area High School

“Great tool for RTI & Differentiated Instruction”
Todd, Biology Teacher at Pittsville High School

“Very cool!”
Paula, Biology Teacher at Oshkosh High School

“Standard Deviants Accelerate looks great and covers everything that needs to be covered. This is where education is heading.”
Charles, Retired Biology Teacher from Luxemberg-Casco High School

“Questions are presented in interesting manner, but contain quality information, and important content and facts. Soo much more than just ‘fluff.’”
Tammy, Director or Teaching & Learning Support at Copper River School District


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