SDA For Teachers

Web_GroupStandard Deviants Accelerate (“SDA”) is a supplementary learning website offering a year’s worth of content per subject, including main lesson video instruction and corresponding ancillary materials. It emphasizes multiple opportunities for re-teaching as well as differentiated instruction (DI) for a variety of learning levels.

When can SDA be used in a lesson plan?

1. Before a lesson is taught: SDA is used to introduce subject matter
2. During a lesson: SDA is integrated into the teaching
3. After a lesson is taught: SDA is used to review subject matter

Where can SDA be used?

1. At home: Individual usage on students’ home computers or personal mobile devices
2. In the classroom: Group usage with website displayed on projector
3. In the media lab: Individual usage during school hours

Why is SDA valuable to teachers?

1. Provides an overall reinforcement of curriculum
2. Allows advanced students to work ahead and foundational students to fill in gaps
3. Engages students with humor and a fresh angle on the material


Standard Deviants Accelerate (“SDA”) was designed with 4 goals in mind:

1. Be a teacher’s third arm. Reinforce instruction, provide assessment, and appeal to different learning levels and styles.
2. Be easy to use. Always and only two clicks to content.
3. Be complete. Provide a year’s worth of core curriculum content for each subject.
4. Be funny. Break down subject matter in a conversational, irreverent manner.


It’s simple: Teach, Test, Re-teach, Laugh, Rinse and Repeat. It’s a teaching system that emphasizes both breadth and depth of knowledge, instructing students on a thorough range of topics while continuing to engage them in higher levels of thinking.

Got that? Lesson by lesson, SDA materials continuously assess knowledge and loop back to re-teach difficult topics. As knowledge accumulates, students are provided with activities that engage them in progressively higher orders of thinking. Ultimately, comprehension of each lesson is spun into a synthesis of subject-wide themes.