SDAccelerate “Act it Out” Video Contest

You know that “Group Activity” in our SDAccelerate chapter reviews that you may have skipped after reading the word “Group?”

Well we get it that, unless you’re in a co-op or have a large family, how could your child possibly do a group activity?  This is a great activity and we really don’t want you missing out, so we have some good news for you.  We are re-naming and re-writing that activity just for homeschooling!

Let’s call it the “Act it Out” activity.  Instead of doing this with groups of students, simply have your child perform this activity 1 on 1 with you, or have your child present their lesson to your family.

NEW Homeschool Instructions:  Have your child take about 15-20 minutes to develop a mini lesson plan (about 5 minutes long) to teach their topic to one of the audience groups.  You can let your child pick their audience group or topic, or you can assign them.  Topics and audience groups are listed on each “Group Activity” assignment page.  Note that each audience group comes with specific (and fun!) parameters for how the lesson should be taught.  Then have your child present to you or your family!

Reasons this activity is AWESOME:

  • SUPER fun
  • Gets kids to think outside the box
  • Different outlet than standardized multiple choice tests, critical thinking, or diagram
  • Way to demonstrate mastery of a subject by explaining in a clear way

Video Contest Details

  • Record a 1-3 minute video of our child presenting their “Act it Out” activity
  • 2 winners chosen by our panel will each receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card!
  • Click below for instructions on how to submit your video and view our terms and conditions.
  • Emphasis on humor and being Standard Deviants-esque!
  • Deadline for submissions is 12/10/2014, and winners will be announced by 12/15/2014.

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