Simple Ways to Include Dad in Your Homeschooling

Simple Ways to Include Dad in Your Homeschooling from Standard Deviants Accelerate

When the topic of homeschooling came up in our house (this was after our first born had already been through pre-K and K in the public school), it was a natural assumption that I (mom) would take on that responsibility. With my husband working outside the home full time and myself home raising the kids, it made sense that I would be the primary homeschooling parent in the house.

Simple Ways to Include Dad in Your Homeschooling

The question soon became what about Dad? Not only is a one person homeschool operation a load to bear, but our little circle became tighter and Dad sometimes felt on the outside looking in. So how can you include Dad in Your Homeschooling?

1. Read Alouds

Have Dad spend time reading aloud to the kids. That might be in the wee hours of the morning before work because you have early risers, or maybe its at bedtime to help wind down from a busy day. Either way Dad is involved and maybe Mom gets a little breather!

2. Grading

In our homeschool we give grades, at least for some subjects and at certain ages. I sometimes find myself at the end of a long day or week with bunches of things to grade and not enough time or energy to do them. By including my husband it allows him to see the work the children are doing, and helps me to get the task done quicker, leaving more time for something else.

3. Field Trips

Field trips can be fun and educational outings for the whole family! Try planning some of them on the weekends or when Dad can get a day off so he can join in on the fun. Or maybe even have Dad take the kids to a field trip of particular interest to him and you sit that one out so you get a break and Dad and the kids get some time together.

4. Teach a Subject

Have Dad teach a subject that maybe you don’t love and he does. We know families where Dad does all the science. He teaches, assigns, grades, and does all the hands on experiments in the evenings and on the weekends.

My husband spend a period of time doing Algebra with our oldest. While it wasn’t his favorite subject either, he had more patience left to sit and work through it with her than I did. This afforded them some one on one time together that they might not have otherwise taken.

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