Simplifying Learning With Edtech

There is an existing and completely valid concern out there that incorporating technology into the classroom could make things overly complex. It is possible, yes, but we are going to discuss a few ways in which technology can actually help to simplify learning in the classroom.

First of all, technology can significantly ease interaction in the classroom. Students can collaborate on documents, projects, and practicing skills. Teachers can simultaneously track student progress and growth. There products and software which make it possible for the whole classroom to be working on one digital collaboration all at once. Pretty nifty.

Next, technology is also great for simplifying resources. A tablet or laptop can have access to hundreds of books at once as well as any number of documents. This could mean no more having to carry around heavy textbooks and no more losing handouts or assigned reading. The potential of these devices to access information is unbeatable.

Finally, technology can make differentiation in the classroom a bit simpler. Every student is different and thus has different learning methods and skill sets. Individual devices can allow for students to progress at a pace that suits them, as well as provide multiple avenues which lead to the same final result. Differentiation allows for students to really reach toward students using as much of their potential as possible, and technology can provide the perfect guidance system.

What do you think? Does technology just complicate things? Or can it help make a classroom run like a well-oiled machine?