Suggestions for Finding Sports Activities for Homeschoolers

Suggestions for Finding Sports Activities for Homeschoolers from Standard Deviants Accelerate

One of the big concerns when it comes to homeschooling is fulfilling physical education requirements and participation in team sports. I am here to tell you that you do not have to go to school to have a full and well rounded physical education and team sports experience.

Finding Sports Activities for Homeschoolers

Fulfilling physical education requirements can be as simple as turning on some music and dancing it out, to more complicated endeavours like team sports. But when it comes to organized team sports how do you get involved when the kids do not have access to school sports?

Local Community Center – Check with your community center to see what they have available. Our community center offers a homeschool physical education class, as well as opportunities to learn and play team sports such as soccer, basketball, pickle ball, floor hockey and more.

School Community Education Program – You school community education program is a great place to find opportunities with physical education via team sports. They usually offer opportunities in a variety of sports such as baseball, swimming, soccer, basketball, martial arts, running and more.

Town Teams – Many towns have their own recreation and club teams in a variety of sports including t-ball, baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, football, cheerleading, lacrosse and more.

Private/Club Sports – The amount of programs in this sector is even more varied (and often more costly). Things like gymnastics, swimming, diving, martial arts, dance, soccer, lacrosse, softball, fencing, cheerleading and more.

Private Schools – We have private schools in our area that allow homeschoolers to play on their sports teams even though they don’t attend that school.

Homeschool Groups – Often in more largely populated areas, especially where there are many homeschoolers, you can find large homeschool groups that offer team sports opportunities. On a smaller scale we have people in our homeschool group that organize soccer, baseball, and even kickball outside during the nicer weather months.

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