Who Are The Standard Deviants

How Standard Deviants Was Born

The Standard Deviants brand was born over 20 years ago, when two college graduates had the golden idea to record full academic courses on video and make them funny. We’ve sold millions of educational videos worldwide and have won troves of awards over the years. The clever name is a play on words based on the mathematical term “standard deviance” or “standard deviation,” meaning the variation from the average. After all, who wants to be average anyway?!

Standard Deviants

Standard Deviants Videos

You may think we’re the new clever kid at school, but we’ve been here all along, making A’s and paper airplanes. The Standard Deviants have become experts at our craft of teaching students core curriculum subjects condensed into a few hours of instructional videos that are engaging, entertaining, and hilarious. Whether it’s English Composition, U.S. History, or Organic Chemistry you’re looking for, Standard Deviants has it! Those are just a few examples from the hundreds of videos Standard Deviants has produced over the last 20 years.

Standard Deviants


Standard Deviants Accelerate

Standard Deviants Accelerate was born out of a desire we had to offer more than just videos.  So we took our newest videos to the web for streaming, divided them up into short digestible segment, added a ton of activities, and broke each subject down into lessons and topics!  We did this all to create something BIGGER and BETTER, and now we have Standard Deviants Accelerate, the perfect supplement for homeschooling families.