How To Start Off Your Homeschool Year Right

How To Start Off Your Homeschool Year Right from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Getting started back to homeschool after the summer break can be a tad bumpy. You and the kids have been used to a less rigid routine of sleeping in, staying up late, added summer fun activities and more. There are a few things you can do to help start off your homeschool year right.

Start Off Your Homeschool Year Right

1. Establish a Routine

When it is time to leave the lazy days of summer behind and get rolling into the new homeschool year, it helps to begin a routine. What this looks like for each family will different. Maybe you want to start just one routine thing that establishes the start of the new year like altering bed or wake times, or having morning meetings. If you are like me it means a routine to printing agendas for the kids each week. Our days start at eight in the morning with being dressed and having your room clean, and flow into the daily “schoolwork” from nine to noon.

Whatever you choose it can help to prepare the kids ahead of time for what this routine will be and then stick to it even when the road is bumpy in the beginning.

2. Build Up To Full Steam Ahead

You don’t have to jump in with both feet! You can start with just a few pieces of the new routine and ease up to a full schedule.

Our homeschool year usually starts off with one or two subjects the first couple of weeks and some fun back to homeschool activities like our homeschool group’s NOT Back to School Picnic. Then we pick it up in the second week to add a couple more things, and by the third week we are full steam ahead!

3. Build in Grace Periods

Don’t pack your days, weeks, and months, so full that you have no time to breath or account for timing variances. Maybe you want to choose to have Friday be a catch up day, or maybe you leave time on two afternoons a week to finish anything that took longer than expected or got pushed off due to unexpected events.

Whatever the case may be, leaving breathing room in your schedule allows you to do just that… breathe. Either to take a break and have some space for down time or outside pursuits, or to finish up things that you didn’t have the time to finish.

4. Be Flexible

There is a saying about once you get established and set in a routine, you will find it needs to be adjusted. Just when you think you have it all worked out, something or someone shifts and you need to adjust your plan. So be flexible, don’t stick so hard to your plan that you lose sight of the flexibility that homeschooling offers you.

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