STOP! And Enjoy The Holiday Season

STOP! And Enjoy The Holiday Season from Standard Deviants Accelerate

As a veteran homeschooling parent I can tell you I have tried many things, failed at many things, changed many things, and loved many things. One thing I am so glad I changed in our homeschool was the time that we take off for the holiday season. In order for us to be able to enjoy the Christmas holiday season more fully, we take 3 weeks off in December.

We used to take just a couple of days prior to Christmas Day through New Year’s off. What I found is that we didn’t have time to enjoy the holiday season. By the time we put school aside the holiday was already over, and we were stressed. We had been racing around to get cookies and decorating done, squeezed in an extra activity here or there, but we had not really been able to absorb and enjoy any of it! Those are the days past. We now STOP! And Enjoy The Holiday Season.

STOP! And Enjoy The Holiday Season

What you and your family do to enjoy the holiday season may be different from what my family does. But here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Cut down a Christmas tree.
  • Bake special holiday cookies.
  • Volunteer, do a service project to help those in need at this time of year.
  • Watch a favorite holiday movie. Or try a new one!
  • Read Christmas themed books.
  • Have a party!
  • Pick a DIY project that is holiday related such as making Christmas ornaments, wreaths, or decorations.
  • Take a fun holiday themed photo.
  • Go caroling. We have often arranged to do this at a local nursing home. It is inside out of the harsh weather and the residents love the company!
  • Learn to play a holiday song on an instrument. I taught each of my children a different song on the piano last year and then we all sand along.