Summer Community Service

comm service

Community service is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling experiences you can share with your children. Summer is one of the best times to look into doing some service, because you’ve generally got larger blocks of free time and can tackle bigger projects. Here are a few ideas:

  • Mission trips: These are often organized through churches, but there are also organizations that put them together. Usually about a week long or longer, your children can spend some time helping to fix or build houses, amongst various other projects that encourage learning both empathy and practical skills.
  • YMCA or similar organizations often have opportunities for volunteering during the summer. This could be anything from helping to teach sports to just helping out with childcare for impoverished families. This is a great one for teaching your child leadership skills!
  • Local clean up: Many communities have opportunities for cleaning up parks, beaches, or other areas of the community. This way your children can learn how important it is to contribute to and take care of their community. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn some environmental science!
  • Programs for the homeless: Programs that benefit the homeless almost always have some way that you can help out. Whether that’s organizing a clothing drive or serving meals, your children can learn the importance of helping those less fortunate than them.

Good luck!