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Cerebellum Corp. Receives Homeschool Award for Standard Deviants Accelerate

The online learning site offers a comprehensive review for middle and high school-level courses

San Francisco, CA – September 6, 2013 – Cerebellum Corporation’s online learning site, Standard Deviants Accelerate, was recently honored with a 2013 Homeschool.com Award, which recognizes the top homeschool curriculum. This 2013 award is the first that Standard Deviants Accelerate has received from Homeschool.com. 

Standard Deviants Accelerate is a brand-new learning website offering comprehensive reviews for middle school and high school-level courses. It covers a year’s worth of content per subject, and features main lesson video instruction and corresponding ancillary materials. The website emphasizes multiple opportunities for re-teaching as well as differentiated instruction for a variety of learning levels. It is designed to address students’ areas of weakness through online interactive quizzes and activities. The curriculum-based materials cover a wide breadth of subjects in the fields of English, history, math, science, nutrition, and AP Test Prep. Standard Deviants Accelerate can easily be accessed by students 24/7 on mobile devices, tablets, and computers.  Plus, parents have a “toolbox” where they can see which assignments have been completed, can view each student’s scores on the automatically graded quizzes, and are able to grade written assignments using an editable rubric.

 “We are honored to receive a Homeschool.com award for Standard Deviants Accelerate,” said James Rena, president of Cerebellum Corporation. “For us to receive recognition from the homeschool community is a huge accomplishment for our dedicated team.” 

Standard Deviants Accelerate was created by the makers of the award-winning Standard Deviants education videos. With their 20 years of expertise teaching difficult topics in a humorous way to at-home learners, Standard Deviants was brought online to teach using a more comprehensive approach. The same quality education was augmented with several features to help both students and instructor. All fourteen subjects contain Response to Intervention (RTI) and Differentiated Instruction (DI). Standard Deviants Accelerate breaks down difficult concepts by using mnemonic devices, a lively cast of actors, and on-screen graphics. It is also available for AP subjects, providing a quick and comprehensive video test prep resource for five AP test subjects. 

About Homeschool.com and the Homeschool Award

Homeschool.com has been in business for over 14 years helping homeschooling families get the best information about different curriculum, products and services offered to the homeschooling community. The Homeschool Award evaluates the available Homeschool curriculums and awards several top programs each year. 

Pricing and Availability 

Standard Deviants Accelerate is available in 14 different subjects which include Algebra, Arithmetic, Fundamental Math, English Composition, U.S. History, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Nutrition, AP Algebra, AP English Language & Composition, AP U.S. History, AP U.S. Government & Politics, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry. Special homeschool pricing is available for $24.95/month for core curriculum subjects, and $14.95/month for AP Test Prep subjects. 

Sign up for Standard Deviants Accelerate at www.sdaccelerate.com or contact us at 866-386-0254 or sdahelp@cerebellum.com for more information. 

About Cerebellum Corporation

Since 1992, Cerebellum has been a leader in the educational market, producing hundreds of hours of educational media.  In 20 years, Cerebellum has received recognition for its high-quality content: garnered 32 Telly Awards, multiple prestigious Parents’ Choice Awards, and the respect and recommendation of thousands of teachers, professors, and education professionals worldwide.