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Fun Back to Homeschool Activities

Fun Back to Homeschool Activities from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Back to school time can be a hard time for homeschoolers, especially those who may have previously been in public school. There is so much hype about back to school sales, school supplies, and school clothes! Due to this it can be fun to create sort of a back to school, or NOT Back to School hype of your own.

Fun Back to Homeschool Activities

So now you are wondering, what on earth can I do at home as a Back to School – NOT Back to School (or even Back to Homeschool) event? Here are a few suggestions to get you started! I am sure once you get rolling you will come up with something fabulous that is a perfect fit for your family!

1. Have a Party

Each year our homeschool group has a NOT Back to School Picnic right after the start of public school. It means the park is empty and the weather is still great. We have little break out information sessions and chats as well as a pot luck dinner. It is a great time to meet new families and see old friends as you gear up for the coming year!

2. Goodie Bags

Make goodie bags up for your children to start the year. You can gather school supplies like pens, notebooks, and such, as well as a new piece of clothing or two (maybe pjs!), and maybe even some fun book to read or favorite treat. Wrap it up or package it in a a a storage bin or decorate basket to be used at home!

3. Make a Treat

One year we made brownies and cut them in the shape of a pencil. Then used colored frosting to make the look of the pencil.

We also loved making pencils out of candy! You use a roll of candy such as Rolos or Sweet Tarts, along with Hershey Kisses that have silver foil.

  • Use a dot of glue to secure the flat end of the Hershey Kiss to one end of the roll of candy.
  • Use a thin strip of pink paper and a pink dot to create the eraser by wrapping the pink slip of paper around the other end of the candy roll and gluing the dot to the top of that.
  • Then wrap the candy roll with yellow paper to make the shaft of the pencil.
  • Finally add a thin strip of foil around the roll below the pink eraser strip.

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