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Earning Dual Credit in High School With CLEP Exams

Earning Dual Credit in High School from Standard Deviants Accelerate

One great way to make full use of your student’s time in high school is by helping them to earn dual credit. What does dual credit mean? Dual credit is when you are in high school and can earn both high school and college credit for a course you are taking.

Earning Dual Credit in High School

As a homeschooler one readily available option for earning dual credit is by taking CLEP Exams. You can find out more about these at the College Board website. The basic idea is that you take a CLEP Exam to earn credit for knowledge gained outside the classroom.

In our homeschool our high schooler took U.S. History I and Psychology as high school courses at home. This earned her credit for these two courses in high school. Then to gain college credit for them as well, she used a CLEP prep book to study specifically for the CLEP Exam in each one of these courses. By taking and scoring high enough on the CLEP Exams she earned college credit for each of these courses.

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