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3 Dissection Methods Without Dissecting

3 Dissection Methods Without Dissecting from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Dissection of animals can be a touchy for multiple reasons. Most often is the idea that it is cruel to animals, but with kids it can simply be that they are grossed out by the thought of touching and doing something like that. The good news is that if you don’t actually want to dissect but would like to get some sort of exposure to dissection, with the age of technology we are in there are other options!

3 Dissection Methods Without Dissecting

  1. A Digital Dissection Program – There are many options out there for digital dissection programs. They offer the student the opportunity to go through I dissection without actually dissecting. You can get computer programs as well as affordable apps to experience dissection this way. These forms offer lots of “hands on” experience via digitally working your way through a dissection.
  2. Video Dissections – With a video dissection your student can watch another person work their way through a dissection. This is like having your lab partner be the hands and you be the observer and note taker. One thing that is great about video dissections is they are done on real animals where as with a digital program you might be working with digitally created specimens as opposed to the real thing.
  3. Plastic Models – For kids who are very hands on you can purchase plastic representations of dissected specimens. For instance, a large plastic frog with realistic internal organs that can be completely taken apart and put back together.

With any of these methods you can pair with them a written lab report. Either by using a step by step walk through of the dissection you have chosen that offers directions and questions, or by having your student draw pictures and create a written lab report with labeled diagrams and descriptions of the process.

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