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How To Have A Merry Christmas On A Budget

How to Have a Merry Christmas on a Budget from Standard Deviants Accelerate

This time of year is known for just as much stress as cheer. With family gatherings, parties, gifts for co-workers, classmates, and family to buy, we can all feel the stress of a tight budget. The thing is, with a little extra effort you can have a truly special and Merry Christmas On A Budget. With some smart shopping, a little crafting, and some smiles for all, it is easier than you think to stretch your holiday dollars!

How To Have A Merry Christmas On A Budget

1. First and foremost remember it is about the spirit, not the dollar amount.

We can easily get caught up in expensive gifts and filling the tree with mounds of them. But the truth is that isn’t necessary to make the season bright. If we lose sight of what Christmas means to us, weather that be about Jesus, or Santa, family and friends, giving, or maybe it is Hanukkah and not Christmas, then it doesn’t matter how much we spend, the season won’t be nearly as merry.

2. Try the 4 Christmas Gift Challenge

There is a simple little guide that has been floating around the Internet this holiday season (and I am sure many seasons before this too). The concept is to keep the Christmas gifts to just 4 items.

  1. Something they want
  2. Something they need
  3. Something to wear
  4. Something to read

This will help you spend less, and focus more on gratitude and the spirit of the holiday season.

3. Buy Used

I can’t begin to tell you how much more my children have been able to have simply because we don’t always purchase everything brand new. Shop thrift stores or look on your local Craigslist site to find some of those bigger want items at a much more reasonable cost.

4. Decorate

Decorating the house is one of the most loved traditions in our house. We each have our favorite decorations. Putting up the tree and reminiscing over where each of the ornaments came from is always a fun and special family time.

To add holiday decorations on a budget shop after the holiday season. Every year we save a little money to shop after Christmas for things like wrapping paper, lights and holiday decorations at a significant discount.

5. DIY Projects

From decorations to gifts you can save a lot of money, make lasting memories, and create awesome stuff in the process!

Making homemade gifts is something all of my kids have enjoyed each and every year. They make gifts for coaches, friends, and family members. We have multiple ornaments hanging on our tree that hold many precious memories of Christmas in the past.

You can often find many things to craft with at the Dollar Store and thrift stores. This makes it easy on the budget and big on the heart.

6. Create Traditions

You can spend little to no money to have wonderful holiday traditions that mean the world to you and your family. Every year we cut down our tree instead of buying a pre-cut tree. It is cheaper and we have many stories from those trips. We also make cookies with friends. Having more people pitch in supplies lessons the load on the budget, it offers a great activity to do together, and creates something tasty in the process!

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