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3 Easy (and FREE) Geography Games

3 Easy (and FREE) Geography Games from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Geography is an important piece to understanding history as well as the current events happening each and every day. Thus incorporating geography into your homeschool is essential. Now to be honest, I hated geography as a kid. Sitting around memorizing all these places I had never seen and couldn’t pronounce was not my idea of fun. So what is fun then? Games!

3 Easy Geography Games

For no cost at all you can create fun and easy geography games to help your kids with learning where places are in our world.

1. Where in the World? Create geography cards or even just write a list (or print a list) of places you would like to tackle. Maybe pick one continent to focus on at first, or even just the United States. Then pull a card and see who can find the location first. Whoever finds it first keeps the card,or just keep a tally on a sheet of paper, and whoever ends up with the most cards or tallies wins!

2. Create Your Own Atlas – There are tons of free printable black outline maps to be had with a quick Internet search. Print a map of your choosing, or theirs if you wish and take to labeling and coloring. My kids have thoroughly enjoyed making their owns maps to keep and reference instead of looking at a book.

3. ABC Atlas – Using the alphabet and either a globe or flat map of your choice, you can play ABC Atlas. The games involves finding things that start with each letter of the alphabet. So if I am using a map of the United States I might start with Alabama for A, and then whomever I am playing with might choose Boston for B, and so on. As each person goes they have to do all the previous letters by naming what was said and pointing to it on the map. So by the end (Z) you should be naming and pointing out 26 places! You can choose to do this with just countries, or capitals, states, landmarks, etc.

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