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3 Benefits of Using a Boxed Homeschool Curriculum

Benefits of Using a Boxed Homeschool Curriculum from Standard Deviants Accelerate
Beginning the journey of homeschooling can feel overwhelming and scary. There are so many options out there and so many unknowns. There is one option that can be of great help in this instance, the boxed homeschool curriculum. What do I mean by a boxed curriculum? A boxed homeschool curriculum is where you order once, everything comes all together, and all subjects are covered.

Benefits of Using a Boxed Homeschool Curriculum

1. One Stop Shopping

Ordering from one publisher makes your shopping simple. You go online, choose your grade levels and your subjects, and check out. It is that simple. Then everything comes right to your home. No shopping multiple websites trying to coordinate things together. Just one stop and you are done!

2. Eliminates the Wishy Washy Hassle of Decision Making

The amounts of curricula, catalogs, and options can feel overwhelming. By going to one reputable publisher and ordering it all from them, it takes the agony of hemming and hawing and over researching out of the equation. Ordering boxed homeschool curriculum eliminates so much stress by taking out the endless amount of options that have your second guessing, price comparing and more!

3. Just Open and Use

When your boxed homeschool curriculum comes you can just open it and use it! All the necessary books and instructions are right there! You don’t have to plan ahead as everything will be laid out for you and you don’t have to spend hours printing and organizing as all the workbooks and schedules are there and ready to be used.

So what does this ultimately mean for us homeschool moms? It means less stress, less, worry, less hassle, and more free time. Instead of spending time researching and planning, you will have that time to spend as you choose, possibly doing something more fun with your children!

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Homeschool Curriculum on a Budget

Homeschool Curriculum on a Budget from Standard Deviants Accelerate

It is no secret that there is a financial cost to homeschooling. In our state we still pay all the same school taxes but get nothing in return. Therefore the burden of the homeschooling budget is on us. As homeschoolers, many families live on a single income in this seemingly two income world, and then add the extra cost of homeschooling to that! Needless to say, things can get tight and you have to learn to pick and choose.

Homeschool Curriculum on a Budget

So what do you do about this often limited budget? How can you find and have the homeschool curriculum you want, on a budget?

1. Utilize The Library

Our local library contains a large store of resources to help a homeschool family out! There is the obvious resource in the books at the library, but there are also resources like music, and videos. Libraries often offer lots of free programs for kids, as well as access to free Internet! Our library also has iDevices to use and has a whole collection of “Homeschool Kits” with resources gathered for teaching different subjects at different age levels that you can borrow just like the books!

2. Buy Used

As with so many things, buying used is a great way to save money! You can check online for used items, as well as your friends and local homeschool groups. Every year there are multiple sales in our area for used curriculum. It is a great way for homeschool families to get some money back on the curriculum they had purchased and for other homeschool families to save money by buying used.

3. Use the Internet

The Internet has an endless wealth of information and resources. And here is a really great thing, there are many FREE resources. You can do a search and find free lesson plans, free printables, DIY projects, free ebooks and more! Utilizing free resources instead of ones you might pay for is a great way to ease the homeschool budget.

4. Be Patient and Diligent

Keep a list of things you desire to have and keep your eyes peeled for a good sale. Companies often have big sales for the New Year and then again in July/August to gear up for the coming school year.

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