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5 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Room

5 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Room from Standard Deviants Accelerate

While many do not have the space to have a dedicated homeschool room, or many do not want to be confined to a dedicated space, there are many of us who have and love our dedicated homeschool room. If you are not sure if a homeschool room is for you, check out these reasons to have a homeschool room.

Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Room

  1. Shoe Boxed Sized Storage Containers – These are great for the everyday quick grab things. We have boxes stacked on a book shelf with labels such as stickers, glue/scissors/tape, pencils/pens/erasers, and markers & crayons.
  2. Book Shelves – We use book shelves not only for the endless amounts of books we have in our homeschool room, but also to stack and store clear labeled bins of smaller supplies that we use on a regular basis.
  3. Cardboard File Boxes – The cardboard file boxes are sturdy, uniform in size, and inexpensive. We use this to hold things like fabric, yarn, ribbon, foam, paint, and other craft supplies.
  4. A Hutch with Doors – We have many supplies, kits, etc. Having a hutch with doors allows us to store many things that are uneven and not uniform but still have it look neat and organized in our room.
  5. Cork Board Strips – We installed cork board strips in open areas on our walls. This allows us to hang posters and projects without damaging the walls in the room.

Having a space that is just for our homeschool clutter has made my daily life so much easier. We can be in the middle of something and just leave it for later because it is in the homeschool room and not in the middle of our kitchen table or living space. But even having a whole room designated to homeschooling, I have still need to keep it organized to be able to fit it all in, have space to work, and have it feel organized instead of overrun.

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3 Reasons To Have a Homeschool Room

3 Reasons To Have a Homeschool Room from Starts At Eight

It stands to reason that you either have a homeschool room or you do not. Maybe you don’t have one because you don’t have the space, or maybe you have one because you do not want one. When we moved a couple of years into our homeschool journey, I specifically looked for a home that had the homeschool friendly layout I envisioned. Let me tell you why.

Reasons To Have a Homeschool Room

1. Plenty of Room to be Together – In our old home I had one child in one room at a desk and one at the kitchen table, while I had my little one still somewhere else. Having a designated homeschool room allows us to all be in the same place together without feeling cramped.

2. A Collected Space for Supplies – At our old house I had books and supplies all over the house. We would often miss out on an awesome resource because I forgot I had it or couldn’t find it. One of the first things I did was install shelving to accommodate all of our homeschool supplies in our new homeschool room.

3. A Place to Leave the Clutter – When you are homeschooling on your kitchen table it is hard to eat. Unless you clean up well from breakfast you will have food on your papers. Then to eat lunch you have to clear whatever you are doing. With a homeschool room we can just drop what we are doing and leave it to come back to later, without it interfering with our other activities.

Having a designated homeschool space changed homeschooling for me. It has allowed me to feel much more organized as well as made it easier for me to be present and available for all the kids at once. We can all work in the same space (even me) because we have the room to each have our own works pace in the same room without being on top of each other. While sometimes noises from the kids can get on each other’s nerves, for the most part being together and having all our resources together in one space revolutionized our homeschool day.

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