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Can Foreign Language Be A High School Elective?

Can Foreign Language Be A High School Elective? from Standard Deviants Accelerate
In high school your students get the chance to go beyond the basics of English, math, science, and history to explore other subjects. These are typically known as electives and are also often considered, at least many of them, to be valuable life skills.

Can Foreign Language Be A High School Elective?

High school electives commonly come into question when parents approach the time in which they will have to homeschool high school. In some states (like NY) electives are a required part of the homeschool process. While some topics seem to make obvious choices as electives, others cause people to question.

For instance, Foreign Language as a high school elective. Is this allowed? We know that colleges love to see at least two years of a foreign language on a transcript, and we know that many high schools require a foreign language for a certain number of years in order to graduate, but what about homeschoolers?

The answer is yes. YES Foreign Language can be a High School Elective!

This means you can “kill two birds with one stone”. Your student can take a foreign language in high school that will fulfill elective credit, and it will also look good on their college application!

Other High School Elective Options

A great way to select high school electives is to Turn Your Teenagers Interests Into High School Electives. In this way they have the opportunity to explore possible interests that could lead to a life long passion and career, while earning high school credit.

List of Common High School Electives:

  • psychology
  • sociology
  • art
  • photography
  • accounting
  • cooking
  • debate
  • ethics
  • anthropology
  • keyboarding
  • coding
  • computer technology

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