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10 Books to Help Kids Understand Shakespeare

10 Books to Help Kids Understand Shakespeare from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Teaching and Learning Shakespeare can fill like a daunting task. The language can be difficult and thus the stories not well understood. One way to help kids out is to get them started early with Shakespeare, using kid friendly resources to help them understand the stories before delving into the original wording of the plays.

Books To Help Kids Understand Shakespeare

  1. Shakespeare Can Be Fun – This is a series of books that takes many of Shakespeare’s works and makes them more understandable for kids without lessening the quality of his work. They’re written in rhyming couplets meant to tell the Bard’s stories in a clever, engaging way. The books are peppered with color drawings by kids ages 7 through 10, and are meant either to be read aloud or performed as plays. 
  2. Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare For Children – In this book the author reproduces  20 of the greatest of Shakespeare’s plays in charming prose simple enough for children to understand and enjoy them. 
  3. Shakespeare’s Storybook – This is a collection of the folk tales that inspired Shakespeare to write many of his great works. It introduces each story with fascinating information about its history and its prevalence in other cultures, as well as insights into local traditions and political issues that influenced Shakespeare’s writing.
  4. The Shakespeare BookThe Shakespeare Book brings the work of William Shakespeare to life with full-color photography, images, idea webs, timelines, and quotes that help you understand the context of Shakespeare’s plays and poems.
  5. Shakespeare’s Secret – Amidst this engaging mystery readers will also find numerous facts about Elizabethan history, theories about Shakespeare’s writings, and, perhaps most importantly, a moral but not preachy tale.
  6. No Fear Shakespeare – This is a series of books that takes many of Shakespeare’s works and presents them with the complete text on the left-hand page, side-by-side with an easy-to-understand translation on the right.
  7. How to Teach Your Children ShakespeareKen Ludwig devised his friendly, easy-to-master methods while teaching his own children. Beginning with memorizing short passages from the plays, his technique then instills children with cultural references they will utilize for years to come. Ludwig’s approach includes understanding of the time period and implications of Shakespeare’s diction as well as the invaluable lessons behind his words and stories.
  8. Illustrated Stories From ShakespeareThis is a wonderful collection of six retellings of William Shakespeare’s best-loved plays – a perfect mix of comedy, tragedy, magic and romance, retold for younger readers. It is full of colorful illustrations! It contains the plays “A Midummer Night’s Dream”, “Hamlet”, “Macbeth”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Tempest”, and “Twelfth Night”. It also includes a section at the back on the life and times of Shakespeare.
  9. DK Eye Witness ShakespeareWhether your child has a special interest in the work of William Shakespeare, you’re going to see a Shakespeare play as a family, or you want to add depth and additional resources to Shakespeare’s work that your student is studying in the Eyewitness: Shakespeare is the ideal choice for your child to get to know the bard even better.
  10. Shakespeare for KidsKids can experience William Shakespeare’s England and get their first taste of the Bard’s sublime craft with this lively biography and activity book.

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